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CSCS is Going to Ireland!

Updated: Mar 2

We are pleased to announce that CSCS is partnering with Mango BPO. Through this partnership CSCS President, Rhett Parsons will serve as Mango’s Director of North American Partnerships.

This role will be managed within the CSCS practice as part of our growing list of engagements. Rhett will be responsible for helping Mango build relationships with key industry organizations such as SOCAP, PACE, CXPA, HDI, and others. He will also be working to grow its business in North America by introducing Mango’s mission of an ethical contact center that offers superior talent.

As a privately held organization, Mango delivers the results of corporate BPO’s in a friendly, comfortable, and cost-effective base in Ireland, or as we are calling it, the ‘Celtic Coast.’

Mango stands out from the crowd by exceeding their client’s expectations and has delivered impressive success with current U.S. partners providing support for Customer Services and Sales. They work with clients to produce outstanding campaigns and with a passion for delivering exceptional results at competitive prices.

Mango is never “one size fits all,” they tailor each program to client needs with their own internal IT Team to develop a bespoke solution, no matter how large or small the business or organization.

More importantly, they absolutely love what they do, their people are their product, and they will instill your values into every conversation. We are glad to be part of the Mango family.

Please contact me to discuss any call center needs. We’d be delighted to bring some Irish Charm to your U.S. Customers.

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